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Did you know that having a consistent fertility yoga practice increases your chances of becoming pregnant?

I have worked with hundreds of exhausted, frustrated, and determined women who are trying to conceive. Of all the years I’ve been teaching fertility yoga, almost every student who REGULARLY comes to class has become pregnant and transitioned to motherhood.

There is no denying that dealing with obstacles to having a baby is a stressful and a difficult path. When creating babies becomes medicalized (as it often does when we involve doctors) the mind, emotions, overall health & lifestyle, energy, and spirit are sidelined. Yet these variables are all feeding into your reproductive health. Whereas, Fertility Yoga is holistic and addresses all of you.

Fertility yoga can improve your reproductive health, balance hormones, and increase your chances of getting pregnant. When done with a skilled teacher, you can practice yoga through all of your cycles – IVF and menstrual. Western research is finally catching up to what Eastern science has known for centuries! Join me and others to redefine your path and transform into your most fertile self.