Supported Fish Pose

Salamba Matsyasana

5 - 15 minutes

This supported front body opener is great for anytime in your cycle, but especially nice during the follicular and ovulation stages.

I offer this pose to students when they are feeling that they’d like to bring in more joy, gratitude, and acceptance to their fertility experience. Also a nice option after pregnancy loss when you’re feeling emotionally ready to open the heart again.

The shoulders and chest get a wonderful stretch, which can feel like such a relief if you’re feeling stressed out or hunched over a desk or computer all day.

The bolster is higher on the back, at the thoracic spine (above the low back). Shoulders are off the bolster on the topside and a block can be placed under the head. The knees are bent and knocked, soles of the feet on the floor, and feet mat distance apart. This protects and releases the lower back.

Fertility Yoga Pose – Supported Fish