The Fertility Clinic Stress Buster Technique (Ep. 13)

Does the thought of going to the fertility clinic and sitting in the waiting room activate your stress response? If, so you definitely not alone.

The fertility clinic carries with it an underlying level of stress – whether it’s from past experiences, the reason you’re going in for that day, or that generalized heightened feeling of floating in a space of unknown. 

If you approach your fertility clinics in a calm and grounded manner, you’re more likely to make rational decisions, ask thoughtful questions, and in general lower overall stress which is beneficial for fertility.

This stress busting technique is a must-do for all stressful appointments or social encounters. I used it during my fertility treatments and still use it today for when I go to the dentist. Give it a go and see the difference it makes.

Today’s episode I take you through my tried and tested Fertility Clinic Stress Buster Technique.

Added bonus – after explaining what we’re doing in the technique and why – I will guide you through the practice (with music some chill music) so that you can experience it with a guide. You can then do it yourself or do the recording again.

The guided breath and visualizations starts at…13:36


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About Kerry

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