The 2 Week Wait: 4 Things To Do So It Doesn’t Suck (2.1)

After so many years of supporting people trying to conceive with fertility yoga and other mind/body techniques – I can tell you, without a doubt, that the 2ww is one of the hardest times. Especially after an IVF cycle or ‘really’ trying at home. There is so much anticipation and anxiety (what if I’m not pregnant or what if I am – then what?)

I also have noticed that we are our worst enemies as well during the two week wait. We work against ourselves in so many ways.

In this episode, I’m flying solo again and offering up some more fringe fertility tips.

4 things to do so that your 2ww flies by (or at least doesn’t move at glacial speed).

Here’s what I discuss in this episode:

  • How anxiety and fear are creeping into how we approach the 2 week wait
  • The importance of movement during the 2 week wait
  • Movement is beneficial, not disruptive
  • Going outside and getting fresh air – the amazing benefits of doing this
  • In the 2ww Create Create Create
  • How to be creative if you’re not ‘artsy’
  • Why pregnancy stress testing is feeding your anxiety and not soothing it
  • How to stop stress pregnancy testing

I hope that these suggestions will help you in your next 2week wait!


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About Kerry

About Kerry

Kerry Hinds is a E-RYT, RPYT, Relax and Renew® Certified Teacher, Fertility Yoga Teacher, and Reiki Practitioner. She is the founder of Fertile Body Yoga and teaches weekly fertility yoga classes and offers other avenues of mind + body support for those trying to conceive. All is available in the FBY Virtual Studio.

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