Talking to An Egg Donor – All Your Questions Answered (2.18)

Whether you are contemplating using donor eggs or not – this episode is full of insight and information about this path! And it’s for everyone – even if you’re not pursuing or pondering donor eggs.

The use of donor eggs is a topic of conversation that often comes up with my fertility yoga people. There are often many questions and unknowns – and it is an extremely emotional decision to make.

So when I had the opportunity, I jumped at the chance to have Carson Bunting on the podcast. She is an egg donor, passionate about fertility, and very open to talking about her experiences.

We talk about:

  • Her motivation behind the decision to be a donor
  • The process she went through to become a donor
  • Fresh transfers vs frozen transfers
  • Using a donor agency
  • Different types of donor arrangements between donors and intended parents
  • What she was paid to donate eggs
  • What it costs for the intended parent/s
  • Here are final words for those who are contemplating donor eggs

I think that you will hear Carson’s passion when she is speaking about being an egg donor! This is such great insider information! For those out there contemplating the donor egg route – I hope this helps ease the journey a little bit.


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About Kerry

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