Tales of IVF Abroad with Jen Edmonds (Ep. 8)

IVF is overwhelming, and doing fertility treatments abroad adds a whole new layer of intricacies and stress! More and more people are either travelling overseas to do treatment or for others, they happen to find themselves living in a different country and then choose to do fertility treatment. 

There are new languages and cultures to navigate, miscommunications, and isolation to deal with.

I did my fertility treatment in Germany as a North America and my special guest – Jen Edmonds did her treatments in Thailand and Dubai as an Australian!

Jen is a fellow fertility yoga teacher and supporter and space holder of those on their fertility journeys. Her story is full of rich insight into doing fertility treatment away from home. Originally a pilates teacher, her IVF journey led her to fertility yoga – first as a student, then as a practitioner and she has a wonderful online yoga studio where she connects with people all over the world.

And so today, Jen is going to take us on the roller coaster ride of her fertility experiences in Thailand, Sydney, and Dubai. For those that find yourself in this situation – I hope you will find some wisdom and comradery in our discussion!

We talked about:

+ Doing IVF in a different culture

+ Navigating language barriers and miscommunications

+ Laughable moments (now! Not then)

+ Advice for those doing IVF away from their homeland

+ The costs of doing IVF in different countries

+ How to support yourself when doing IVF abroad

We had a great time recording this episode and Jen’s insight and openness is what made this conversation so powerful. We hope you love listening to it! 

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+ Jen’s Instagram: jen.elementpilatesyoga

+ https://www.elementpilatesyoga.com/

This podcast is brought to by Fertile Body Yoga – a virtual yoga studio dedicated to supporting the body, mind, and soul of those navigating their fertility journeys.

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About Kerry

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