Steaming & Herbalism for Fertility with Tamara Niedermann (2.14)

Fertility Land is always trying to sell you ‘new’ products that will boost fertility or help you get pregnant. But really – many of what people are selling now have been taken and repurposed from ancestral practices and herbal medicine.  These practices have been repackaged with a modern twist – which generally does not acknowledge the source of where they came from. Promises are made about these practices or products and sold to you at an extremely high cost. When in reality – much of what is being sold these days, can be achieved through reconnecting with nature and returning to the earth.

Today I have the great pleasure and honor to speak with Tamara Niedermann, a doula, an herbalist, and fertility awareness educator. She is the founder and human behind The Kindred Feminine, which is a community built on the divine feminine that is often overlooked, or ignored, or destroyed.

This is a hub for caring for yourself and your body.

She believes that people are longing for a more intentional way of caring for themselves and the world around us. She has a deep passion to teach others this new way to know our bodies, experience our menstrual cycles, and conceive and birth our babies.⁣

⁣She is a bisexual cis woman of color who uses the pronouns she, hers, her. She’s in her thirties, married, and has two cats. She is the daughter of an immigrant single mother and she acknowledge that Black, indigenous, people of color (bipoc) have much worse reproductive outcomes than their white counterparts. She is an advocate for folks from menarche to menopause no matter their race, sexuality, gender, or size.⁣

This conversation is sooooo good! We talk about certain herbs and fertility, how to take herbs so that they will be supportive, and how to know if an herb is right for you. Then we dive into steaming! Which was such an educational and inspiring conversation – and how easy steaming can be! 

Here is what we covered: 

  • The importance of body and medical literacy for informed decision making
  • Why some herbs/supplements work for some people and not others
  • Chaste Tree/Vitex
  • Nettle, Red Raspberry, Oatstraw support for fertility and reproductive health in general
  • Allopathic medicine and Herbalism
  • Herbalism and the feminine
  • Best ways to take herbs
  • Pelvic Steaming: 34:30
  • History of steaming – passed down orally through women
  • Colonialism & ancestral knowledge
  • Why steam?
  • Steaming for beginners – how to do a home steam
  • Using herbs with your steams

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About Kerry

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