Mindfulness, Meditation, & Fertility With Bec Conant (2.4)

Dealing with fertility can be overwhelming – and one of the ways I believe that you can settle this overwhelm is with a mindfulness practice. And one of the best mindfulness practices around is meditation.

In the world of fertility, we are always looking for ways to support our fertility, and often we turn to things outside of ourselves – yet there is so much power that comes from within us. And as far as start up costs and accessibility – mindfulness meditation is free and there for when you need it.

I’m excited to bring you this podcast episode because mindfulness and meditation is something that I expose my students to and participants to in my programs. In fact I’ve got a new 40 days to Fertile Freedom group right now and 50% of them chose meditation as their daily practice for 40 days! 

There are so many myths, misunderstandings, and misconceptions of what mindfulness is and what meditation is – I thought it best to bring in someone who has studied and practiced deeply in meditation and mindfulness.

In this episode, I have Bec Conant, a friend, colleague, and mentor who is going to break down all the noise around meditation and mindfulness for you – and of course, we talk about how it can be helpful to fertility beyond dealing with overwhelm.

Bec Conant is the Founder and Director of Om Births, an online yoga program designed specifically for expecting and new parents. Bec is a certified 500hr Prenatal Yoga teacher, and Meditation teacher, and has over 25 years of experience. She is a certified Pelvic Floor Yoga Teacher and lives in her hometown of Boston MA with her husband and 6 yr old son.

Bec leads the Mommy Sangha. An Online meditation community for moms of all ages and stages designed to incorporate and support mindfulness practice in the midst of the journey into and through parenthood. She holds meditation teacher certifications from Kaia Yoga and Dharma Moon.

Her book The Om Births Approach was published in 2023 and offers a framework for using yoga and mindfulness to prepare fully for the birth and postpartum experience. Go to the resource list for the link to the book! 

Here are a few highlights from our conversation around fertility and meditation & mindfulness.

  • Fertility Overwhelm and how mindfulness can help
  • The Mindfulness and meditation connection
  • How to ease into a mindfulness practice
  • Studies on meditation and how they relate to fertility
  • Building resilience with meditation
  • Self awareness through mindfulness and meditation
  • 6 meditation myths debunked! 

I hope that this episode inspires you to sit, breathe, and make friends with yourself. 


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Bec’s Book: The Om Births Approach

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About Kerry

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