Menstruation, PMS, and Fertility with Julie Lipsett, LMHC, FAE (2.11)

Often it’s not until people begin their trying to conceive phase of life that they start paying attention to their menstruation. Mainly to figure out when exactly your fertile window is so that, if you’re in a hetero relationship, time sex properly. But really – we need to start paying attention sooner!

We have a tricky relationship with our monthly bleed. When we don’t want to get pregnant, it’s a nuisance, and when we’re trying to get pregnant and we see blood on the toilet paper – it’s devastating. Both scenarios, your bleed is associated with something negative. 

Considered the 5th Vital sign, the quality and function of your menstruation is paramount for understanding your fertility. More and more awareness is being placed on menstrual cycle, but there is still a long long way to go to understanding the whole cycle and how it affects your life and fertility.

In this episode, the lovely Julie Lipsett and I have a VERY cool conversation about all things related to your menstrual cycle. We also dive into the history of PMS which is a very interesting avenue of exploration. 

Julie is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a certified Fertility Awareness Educator.. Since graduating from Drexel University with a degree in Music Therapy and Counseling in 2017, she has worked as an outreach therapist in the neighborhoods south of Boston, a special education counselor, and then as a virtual outpatient therapist. 

She decided to incorporate Fertility Awareness into her practice in 2021, after experiencing the life-changing benefits of the method herself. Because menstruation are so intimately connected to our overall wellness and mental health, she felt like it was a natural next step. She became a Fertility Awareness Educator after a two year certification course through The Well School of Body Literacy. 

Here’s what we covered in the menstruation episode.

  • The importance of Menstruation Awareness
  • What is the fertility awareness method
  • Charting vs no charting?
  • The average length of the menstrual cycle
  • Ayurveda, menstruation, and fertility
  • Cycle Syncing & the seasonal references
  • The history of PMS
  • The importance of understanding your body and having good body and medical literacy when going to appointments






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About Kerry

About Kerry

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