Manifesting Your Miracle Baby with Lisa White (Ep. 14)

Manifesting has become the new mindfulness – as in, it’s an exciting and interesting way to live your life – and apply to your fertility journey.

But, what is manifesting and how does it work? Can you manifest your miracle baby? Is it instantaneous?

Sometimes we need a little guidance and that is why I brought in Lisa White to the conversation.

Lisa White is a soulful IVF Coach specializing in helping women navigate the emotional ride of IVF with a focus on mindset and energetic support. She is the #1 bestselling author of ‘HOLD ON, BABY – A Soulful Guide to Riding the Ups and Downs of Infertility and IVF.’ She is the host of the SOULFUL IVF Podcast and the creator of the IVF Soul Align Method; A unique framework she personally lived and now guides clients through.  Her 22-year background as an Occupational Therapist helps contribute to the holistic lens she brings to her clients in supporting them not only thru IVF but also with life skills in general.

She has been a lifelong practitioner of manifestation and intentional living and applied these same principles on her IVF journey. With one healthy embryo holding on for her and her husband, they beat the odds and found “success” despite a long road of unexpected setbacks and surgeries. Through it all she stayed hopeful and empowered, trusting in the unfolding of it all. 

In 2023 she received an award from the European Fertility Society for “Highly Commended” in the Best Fertility Coach category and in 2021 was awarded “Highly Commended” in the Best Fertility Book Category. 

And so today, Lisa is going to take you through how you can begin to utilize manifestation in your life and fertility journey!

We cover in this episode:

  • List’s fertility experiences
  • What is manifestation
  • How you can integrate manifestation into your fertility journey
  • Living in the realm of possibilities
  • The importance of energetics 
  • Lisa offers a simple exercise to get your manifestation abilities going
  • Learn a little bit more about finding joy in your life WHILE also tr

I loved having Lisa on the podcast talking about energy and manifesting! Her kindness and positive outlook to the fertility journey is refreshing – without falling into the realm of toxic positivity. We both understand how the fertility journey can seep into all corners of life – and manifesting is one way to find joy in life while also trying to conceive.

Give these a try – I’d love to hear how the manifesting goes! Drop us a DM on IG – @fertilebodyyoga


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Lisa's Manifesting Fertility Journey- Best Fertility Podcast
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About Kerry

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