Is Your Yoga Mat Messing with Your Hormones? (2.20)

In this Fringe Fertility Tips episode, we talk about toxins and how they might be hiding in your yoga mat.

You probably haven’t thought too much about your yoga mat and how it might be affecting your fertility. But I think you should.

Yes – I want you to come to fertility yoga, but I also want to make sure that when you’re coming to the mat to support your fertility, it isn’t also silently messing with your hormones.

In this episode, I cover:

  • why it’s important to know what your yoga mat is made from
  • why it’s hard to avoid toxins
  • the main offenders in yoga mats
  • removing toxins will remove some burden from the body so it can concern itself about reproduction and not trying to remove toxins
  • my recommendation for mats (so you don’t have to do the research)
  • greenwashing and yoga

The biggest take home in this discussion is the concept of removing burden from the body. Reproduction is often the final system your body will give it’s energy to – and one of the first things is removing toxins from the system. This will always take precedent – survival. The body is feeling constantly attacked and it creates excess and chronic inflammation.

Research on fertility, yoga, and stress:

Podcast episode about fragrance:

Blog about Essential Oils and fertility:

Yoga mat recommendations (I do not get any promotional kickbacks from these companies – the cork mat is an Amazon affiliate link):

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About Kerry

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