Is Hot Yoga Bad For Your Fertility? (Ep 2)

If you do hot yoga, you may be wondering…Is hot yoga bad for my fertility? You may have a hot yoga practice and are also trying to conceive and curious about whether you should put your hot practice on hold. Or maybe you’re doing IVF and really want to improve your chances of a successful cycle.

You might hear some conflicted info on this one.

And I’m here to give you a yogic perspective – since of course we are talking about yoga.

In this episode Kerry unpacks hot yoga and fertility and how you can approach your yoga practice to truly boost your fertility.

  • When is hot yoga ok? 
  • A quick refresher on stress and fertility
  • Stress Response and Hot Yoga
  • Hot Yoga and the 2WW
  • The energetics of hot yoga and fertility
  • Why it’s hard to give up hot yoga for the benefit of your fertility
  • Aligning your yoga practice with your fertility

This is a question that I get so often when I have hot yoga students arrive in a fertility yoga class. It’s a great question and one that needs to be addressed as more and more hot yoga classes are being offered and more and more people are doing it! 

If you’re ready to make a mindset shift into yoga for fertility benefits – then check out what’s coming up in the studio


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This episode is brought to you from Kerry Hinds of Fertile Body Yoga – a virtual yoga studio dedicated to support the mind, body, and spirit of those going through their fertility journeys.

Is Hot Yoga Bad For Your Fertility? -Fertility, Ayurveda, and your Dosha - Essential Oils and Fertility - Fertile Body Yoga
About Kerry

About Kerry

Kerry Hinds is a E-RYT, RPYT, Relax and Renew® Certified Teacher, Fertility Yoga Teacher, and Reiki Practitioner. She is the founder of Fertile Body Yoga and teaches weekly fertility yoga classes and offers other avenues of mind + body support for those trying to conceive. All is available in the FBY Virtual Studio.

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