How to Express Yourself While Going Through Infertility with Elena Clamen (2.6)

During the fertility journey, it’s sometimes hard to find the right words, or even words at all to express what you’re feeling and going through. And that is where creative expression comes into play. It’s an easy and accessible avenue of getting your emotions flowing and to begin to bring perspective to your present experiences and what you’d like your future to look like.

Why is it important to express emotions?

When emotions are not expressed or processed, they get sticky and hang on for a long time – in our minds, bodies, and energy. And when we’re trying to optimize our fertility – there is a need for fluidity between emotions, in our movement practices, and the energy signature we’re putting out there into the world.

In this episode, I speak with Elena Clamen, LMHC & Art Therapist about different ways to express yourself if you don’t consider yourself an ‘artist’.

  • What is art therapy and why would someone going through infertility want to explore it?
  • How the inability to express emotions causes stress
  • Creative expression doesn’t have to be ‘art’
  • When you don’t have the words for your grief, loss, anger, frustrations – using creative expression can put it into perspective
  • The power of music (and a playlist) for creative expression
  • The connection between the pelvic bowl (sacral chakra) and how it is connected to emotions, creativity, and fertility.
  • How many stop being creative when they begin fertility treatment
  • Vision boards as creative expression and manifestation

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