How ‘Fragrance’ Is Messing with Your Fertility – with Sarah Michels (Ep. 18)

Using non-toxic & fertility-friendly products on our bodies and in our home is so important – when you’re trying to conceive AND for your and your family’s overall health. With endocrine disruptors, especially xeno-estrogens, running rampant in most skin and body products – it has been studied and proven that these chemical additives can mess with our reproductive hormones and fertility.

It’s overwhelming to know where to begin – so we want to get to the major offenders first and begin to remove these from the home and get your reproductive hormones firing on all cilinders! 

One of the biggest offenders is FRAGRANCE. 

And that is the main topic of our discussion today. 

My guest for this episode is Sarah Michels – she is the brains, beauty, and braun behind Infuse Organics – which makes clean, non-toxic skin and body care products from the herbal and medicinal plants that she grows on her own farm. Her and her family work together to create healthy, sustainable, and effective products that keep you and your family safe from harmful chemicals. People all over the US and Canada trust her clean, amazing smelling, and effective products.

Today we untangle the web of beauty products and how they are silently causing our bodies and hormones damage – focusing on one of the main culprits – fragrance. Here is what we touch on:

  • What is the biggest offender in the CVS aisle
  • The power of olive oil + essential oils
  • Why ‘Fragrance’ is so nasty
  • Xeno-estrogens and phthalates (the nasties)
  • Fragrance increases cortisol
  • Green Washing in the beauty industry
  • All the ways that Kerry has been duped by labeling!
  • The FDAs failure to control the chemicals going into your bath and beauty products
  • Essential Oils and how they’re different from fragrance
  • Laundry detergent, shampoo & conditioner, plugins and febreeze
  • How to remove personal care products step by step

Sarah’s passion for your health and her products shine through on this episode. If you’re ready to clean up your self care products and don’t know where to start – this is the perfect episode for you. And Sarah’s online store is the perfect place to start!


This podcast is brought to by Fertile Body Yoga – a virtual yoga studio dedicated to supporting the body, mind, and soul of those navigating their fertility journeys. Check the programs!

How 'Fragrance' Is Messing with Your Fertility - Fertility Podcast
About Kerry

About Kerry

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