Fertility & The Patriarchy, People Pleasing, And Perfectionism (2.2)

The fertility journey is hard enough as it is without the conscious systemic expectations that we put on ourselves or that society dictates. I don’t want this for you or your fertility. By being aware, acknowledging, and making steps to change some of these engrained patterns can have profound affects on your mental, emotional, physical, energetic, and spiritual health. And, of course, your fertility.

I call them the 3Ps – the patriarchy, people pleasing, and perfectionism. Also referred to as the 3 strange bedfellows of fertility.

This episode has a lot of truth bombs in it – so buckle up my friends.

I talk about:


  • The patriarchy’s view of a woman’s worth in society
  • The patriarchy and workplace structure and working on 24 hour time lines instead of monthly cycles
  • Our society’s massive love affair with all things masculine and dismissal of the feminine
  • How fertility, conception, pregnancy, birth & parenthood flourish in the feminine
  • And how IVF is a masculine
  • And what to do about it!

People Pleasing

  • what it is and the health issues associated with it
  • Why we as those raised female, have people pleasing engrained in us
  • What people looks like in fertility
  • How to get out of people pleasing tendencies
  • Setting boundaries and asking for help


  • a study that showed people who have perfectionism traits have a harder time dealing with fertility and fertility treatment
  • those with perfectionism have a higher rate of depression and anxiety
  • perfectionism is a life of procrastination & paralysis
  • How perfection shows up in fertility
  • How to tell perfectionism to piss off
  • The 80/20 rule

I am just brushing the surface with this one, but I want to use this episode to demonstrate some of the deep work we are going to be doing in the upcoming 40 Days to Fertile Freedom program!

This is an ongoing program – so check out this link for current dates:

⁠40 days to Fertile Freedom Program⁠

Dr. Gabor Mate – ⁠When the Body Says No⁠

Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk – ⁠The Body Keeps the Score⁠

Kate Northrup – do Less

⁠Perfectionism & Fertility Study⁠

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About Kerry

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