Fertility and Coming Home to Your Body with Emily Everton PT, DPT (Ep. 16)

This episode is chalk full of so many fertility gems – it’s hard to know where to start! If your relationship with your body isn’t perfect – then this episode is for you. So basically all of us! 

I’d especially encourage those who have a relationship with disordered eating, missed periods, and pelvic floor dysfunction to listen – but truly if you’re dealing with fertility and fertility treatment – you should listen!

During the fertility journey the body takes soooo much blame for ‘not functioning’ or ‘failing’ – leaving you in a state of distrust and disconnection from your body. 

There is help out there to help us heal our relationships with our bodies and help to release tension and resync to its natural cycles. Fertility yoga is a wonderfully gentle way to address this – but there is so much more out there to assist you. Finding support is paramount if we want to heal the body for a healthy conception, pregnancy, and parenthood.

And today’s guest has created a beautiful approach, composed of many different techniques, personal experience, and knowledge. Her goal is to Inspire and empower active girls and women to come back home to their bodies and build resilience to do what they love.

Emily Everton is a holistic Women’s Health Doctor of Physical Therapy and founder of Embody Physical Therapy & Wellness, in Hopkinton, MA. 

Emily specializes in Orthopedic and Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy, and is especially passionate about all things menstrual health, fertility, and perinatal care. Emily is a certified Mercier Fertility Specialist and incorporates Mercier Therapy, a deep pelvic organ mobilization technique, into her practice to help women with a variety of conditions including pelvic pain and fertility challenges. 

In addition to her work as a PT, Emily is also a Women’s Health coach primarily supporting women with Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (missing periods) and irregular menstrual cycles. In her coaching she helps women restore ovulation, get their period back, regulate their menstrual cycles, and assist with fertility.

Though Emily’s work was initially inspired by her own lived experience with disordered eating, orthorexia, RED-S (relative energy deficiency in Sport), Hypothalamic Amenorrhea, infertility, and a poor relationship with her body…she is consistently inspired by the wonderful girls and women she is so fortunate to support on a daily basis.

Here’s what we talked about today’s episode

  • What is hypothalamic amenorrhea and RED-S 
  • What we interpret as the body not functioning is actually a hint from the body – leading us to the right area to explore and balance
  • The Vagus nerve and fertility
  • Why the pelvic floor matters when we’re talking about fertility
  • The pelvic floor and egg retrievals
  • A story about releasing my tongue tie and my pelvic floor response!
  • What is Mercier Therapy and who is it for 
  • Why you may want to throw away your tight jeans
  • Overall inspiration for how to live in your body in a connected way

I loved having Emily on show! She has a tremendous depth of knowledge around the body and how to cultivate healing in a holistic and transformative way.  Her lived experiences inspire her work and you can feel her passion through the airwaves!

If you’re interested in working with Emily in person or virtually – check out her links below.


  • Emily’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emilyeverton.dpt/
  • Emily’s Website: https://www.embodyptwell.com/you

Fringe Fertility is brought to you by Kerry Hinds and Fertile Body Yoga – a virtual yoga studio dedicated to supporting those on their fertility journeys – mind, body, and soul. 

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About Kerry

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