Castor Oil Packs & Rewilding for Fertility with Phoebe Lyman (2.5)

This episode is so FULL of great information about so many things that seem random, but are truly connected!

My guest today, Phoebe Lyman is an, Abdominal Manual Therapist and Preconception Coach, who integrates rewilding principles into fertility support. Based in Los Angeles, she specializes in deep abdominal organ therapy to prepare individuals for pregnancy. As the founder of WildCulture Collective, Phoebe also fosters an online community advocating for ecologically-grounded and anti-capitalist family building. Guided by the belief that intentional preconception that prioritizes ecological reconnection is the key to restoring harmony with the earth and each other, Phoebe’s mission is to empower individuals on their journey towards conscious conception.

As you can tell from the bio – there is so much to talk about here!

First we talk about Castor Oil packs and Phoebe explains why they can be a supportive addition to your fertility self care routine. We then dive into her conscious conception work that weaves in rewilding as an antidote to capitalism. Yes, yes, yes. It’s so good. 

Here is what we cover in this episode:

  • Castor oil packs – why, how, and when
  • What is rewilding and it’s connection to enhanced fertility
  • How rewilding is the antidote to capitalism
  • Rewilding as the feminine, and capitalism as masculine
  • Rewilding in urban areas
  • Fear and anxiety about the state of the planet and the future we’re leaving for our children
  • Living the life you want for your future children now
  • How fear interacts with fertility, the physical body/pelvic floor
  • Collective Children 
  • Babies are not zero sum

I think you are going to love this episode – you can feel Phoebe’s passion come through as well as her articulate and spot-on explanation of rewilding and how it can be so powerful for our fertility. I say it in the episode, but when I read her Wild Conceptions: resisting capitalism through fertility and rewilding – I was so excited because she was able to put into words concepts that I have felt and been trying to explain for so long – but never had the words to explain! 


Wild Conception Workbook:

Pillars of Preconception Free Minicourse:


IG: @wildculturecollective 

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