5 Common Yoga Mistakes People Make When TTC (Ep.7)

As a yoga teacher that specializes in fertility yoga – I’ve seen a lot over the last 7 years. And there are definitely pitfalls that I see time and time again that people make with their yoga practices.

Are you possibly falling into any of them?

If you have a yoga practice already, or are contemplating starting one while dealing with fertility issues, then this is the episode for you. 

Today, I’m going to take you through the common mistakes that I see people make with their yoga practices while they are TTC.

+ To hot yoga or to not hot yoga – that is the question

+ Should I put my practice on hold?

+ Are you going with the flow of nature?

+ What are your expectations about how yoga can help fertility?

+ Is this something to try and figure out yourself?

My intent with this episode is to educate the masses on how to integrate yoga safely and in a way that boosts fertility! Not to shame anyone into thinking they are doing anything harmful or wrong. The insight you get from this can turn your yoga practice into a more fertility supporting activity when you eliminate these mistakes!

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About Kerry

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