Prenatal Yoga Classes

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Kerry offers livestreamed prenatal yoga series regularly throughout the year

Next Series starting in Spring 2023

Are you searching for a gentle yet powerful yoga practice to support your pregnancy and labor?

When fertility yoga students become pregnant, they often ask for continued support from Kerry and the style of yoga that they value and love.

Becoming pregnant does not magically reduce stress – in fact – for many, stress increases, especially when there is a history of loss. Kerry understands this and allows space for individual choice to support physical and mental/emotional comfort while practicing yoga during pregnancy.

The Prenatal Yoga Library pass gives you 2 months of access to all recorded content, including the popular chakra series.

“When I became pregnant after years of fertility treatment, many of the support networks that I had built for infertility seemed to disappear. But not yoga with Kerry! I am grateful to be able to continue with Kerry as I move into another emotional and life-altering part of my journey. Knowing that many of the students in the class have done fertility treatment as well is so nice – they understand what is going on in my head.”

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Private Yoga Classes

Meet Kerry - Your Prenatal Yoga Expert

With over 160 hours of fertility and birth-focused yoga training, on top of 1000s of hours working with students through their reproductive journeys, from preconception thru postpartum, I can truly say that you are in informed and caring hands.

I have been teaching weekly Fertile Body Yoga classes and fertility focused workshops in Boston since 2016, working alongside fertility clinics and doctors. Hundreds of people on their family-building missions have found support with Fertile Body Yoga. Most importantly, I personally share in this path with you. After almost 3 years of fertility treatments, multiple pregnancy losses, and eventually having two successful pregnancies, I have first-hand knowledge of how stressful and cyclical these times can be. Read about my fertility journey here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many students decide to forgo the live classes at the early stages of their pregnancy and join after the first trimester. Kerry has a pre-recorded early pregnancy program that will carry you through the first trimester and many of the emotions and physical hurdles that arise during this time.

Yes! All classes are recorded and available to you within 24 hours of the class. You will also have on-demand access to the recorded prenatal yoga class library to use for 2 months.

Learning from a qualified and trained prenatal yoga teacher is a must when doing prenatal yoga. Throughout pregnancy, the body is going through many changes and fluctuations – modifications and special considerations are needed. Kerry is an experienced Registered Prenatal Yoga teacher and trainer with over 1000 teaching hours of prenatal yoga classes. You will be in informed and caring hands.

Although on the surface, these two styles of yoga may seem related, the goals of fertility yoga and prenatal yoga are quite different. Prenatal yoga focuses on preparing the body for a comfortable pregnancy, labor, and birth. Whereas with fertility yoga, the goal is to prepare the body to be as fertile and receptive as possible while honoring the menstrual or fertility treatment cycle. Attending a class specifically tailored to what your body & mind are experiencing ensures a safe and informative practice.

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