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FBY Virtual Studio

  • FBY Summer Pass
  • Preparing for a Frozen Embryo Transfer Series
  • Yoga for Pregnancy Loss Series
  • Early Pregnancy after Fertility Treatment or Loss Series
Summer Pass – $45 for unlimited access to the recorded library
Pre-recorded Series: $75 (yours forever)
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FBY Livestream classes

Join the community, unravel your stresses, nurture your body – be as fertile as possible.

Fertile Body Yoga Livestream classes

Every Thursday at 7pm ET (on break for the summer! Starting again after Labor day!)

The frozen embryo transfer series was very helpful to get into a different frame of mind and felt so nurturing. I’ve been on edge a lot and it completely shifts my mindset, and I feel so much  better all around after the classes.
I would definitely recommend this series to others –  there is so little guidance on what to do to support transfers from the doctors and having a lifelong access is so great as people often have to go through multiple transfers.

Fertile Body Yoga Series Student

Workshops & Events

Kerry collaborates with other mind/body practitioners, as well as fertility clinics and doctors to offer informational and experiential workshops and events.

If you are a studio owner, fertility doctor, or other mind/body practitioner and would like to collaborate with Fertile Body Yoga and Kerry, connect here!

Personalized Meditation

A meditation or visualization made just for you and what you would like to work on. Kerry will consult with you on your likes and dislikes, and then write and record your meditation for you to keep.

Virtual Private Sessions

Receive expert personalized care. 3 privates are recommended to meet the different stages of your cycles, whether IVF or untreated. Single Privates also available. A great option If you have special considerations.

On my journey towards motherhood through IVF I came to realize the important connection between mind and body as I tried to make sense of repeated failures. Joining Fertile Body Yoga was an important contribution to my success in finally becoming pregnant. The class is a unique combination of movement, breathing, visualization, energy work and great companionship on what can be a very challenging path. The wonderful guidance and mentoring of Kerry was something I looked forward to each week
Fertile Yoga Body Student