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Yoga For Miscarriage & Pregnancy Loss Series

Pre-recorded Series: $95 (yours forever)

Yoga For Miscarriage & Pregnancy Loss Series

If you’re here – you are searching for some additional support after a miscarriage. As someone who experienced the crushing disappointment of a lost pregnancy, I understand how isolating it can feel. I am here to hold you through this stage and support you in the healing process.

The Yoga for Miscarriage & Pregnancy Loss Program was created to give you the tools you need to pull you out of the isolation – which only compounds the grief – and get you back on a path of healing and optimism.

Moving the body gently, when you’re ready, can help to work through the emotions and keep them moving through your body so your mind can better process them. This is the other side of the mind+body connection. Sadness is not just a mental/emotional state, it is held in the body as well.

“I had been searching for something, anything that was actually practical and effective for working through pregnancy loss. My most recent loss was devastating as it was after many years of IVF treatment, and just when I thought I was through it, I lost the baby. My heart was broken and finding this program was a godsend. It really helped me care for myself on every level. I was able to feel the emotions move through me while practicing yoga and it created a sense of lightness during a heavy time. I would absolutely recommend this program for anyone who is looking for support during this time.”

Yoga for Miscarriage & Pregnancy Loss Program Participant

This program is for you if:

  • You recently experienced a miscarriage or have had past losses that you still need healing from
  • You are in search of gentle and mindful support
  • You know that gentle movement might be beneficial, but you’d like expert guidance to make sure it is appropriate for this time
  • You’d like to practice at home on your own schedule and release the emotions freely as they come up
  • You want to support your mental health during this time

Yoga for Miscarriage & Pregnancy Loss

This program is intended to support you through every phase of your healing process

Program Highlights:

  • Involves the whole body, mind + soul
    1. 3 x 45 min appropriate yoga classes that can be easily segmented into 15-minute sections so you can choose the appropriate length to nourish your soul
    2. 3 x 10-minute meditations to begin the process of releasing the grief and sadness
    3. 4 companion guides with supportive words, suggestions for rituals and memorials, and journal prompts to help process on all levels
  • The healing journey is segmented into 3 manageable phases where you can stay as long as you need to before moving on to the next stage:
    • Cocoon phase – provides the protection and space to feel your raw emotions and express them openly and lovingly
    • Emerge phase – I show you how to slowly and gently begin to figure out what it’s like to live after loss
    • Reentry phase – you’re ready to engage with life and are hopeful for the future
  • On-Demand Access forever so you can revisit when the emotions come up again. Grief is multi-layered and can be triggered even years later or on special anniversaries. 

Meet Kerry - Your Fertility Yoga Expert

With over 160 hours of fertility and birth-focused yoga training, on top of 1000s of hours working with students through their reproductive journeys, from preconception thru postpartum, I can truly say that you are in informed and caring hands.

I have been teaching weekly Fertile Body Yoga classes and fertility focused workshops in Boston since 2016, working alongside fertility clinics and doctors. Hundreds of people on their family-building missions have found support with Fertile Body Yoga. Most importantly, I personally share in this path with you. After almost 3 years of fertility treatments, multiple pregnancy losses, and eventually having two successful pregnancies, I have first-hand knowledge of how stressful and cyclical these times can be. Read about my fertility journey here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yoga is so much more than moving the body in and out of poses. I specifically designed this program to begin in this most raw stage of loss. You don’t even need to leave your bed as I offer you restorative poses that will help you release the grief. 

The first phase is all restorative, while the second phase is very gentle movement. When you’re ready, you move to the next phase.

I get this. Sometimes we feel so sad we can’t see how anything could help. We talk about it in the program, but healthy grief moves – and this program will help to begin the shift. If you feel stuck in your grief, I’d suggest seeking help from a therapist who specializes in this area.

Disclaimer: While yoga does not guarantee conception, it can help increase fertility by reducing stress, balancing hormones, and providing the necessary tools to help cope with the challenges of a fertility journey.

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