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Private Fertility Yoga Sessions with Kerry

Single Sessions and Packages Available

Fertility Yoga One-on-one Sessions with Kerry

The right yoga class at the right time can make all the difference in the world. One-on-one Fertility Yoga sessions with Kerry provide dedicated and specific care for the cycle you’re in.

“Having private sessions with Kerry was amazing. She is a warm and knowledgeable teacher who really takes the time to get to know you and understand what you’re going through. The class themes really spoke to me (my favorite was the Hope & Trust one) and the classes were so specific to my cycle, I felt so taken care of. I’m happy to say that I got pregnant unexpectedly between IVF cycles after working with Kerry for a couple of months!’

FBY Private Student

Fertility Yoga One-on-One sessions are for you if:

You are at any point in your fertility journey

You have an injury or condition that would benefit from individualized care

You want Kerry’s one-on-one support during and after sessions

You want classes specifically tailored to your body and cycle (IVF or Menstrual)

You have specific mental and emotional states you’d like to address privately

That's Me - I'm In!

Fertility Yoga Private Sessions

A yoga practice made just for you​​

Yours to keep forever with your needs taken into careful consideration.


  • Classes are focused and themed specifically to what you are experiencing in the moment
  • Each 75 minute session is recorded and you will have on demand access to the video forever
  • Receive a ½ hour free consultation with Kerry (via zoom or phone) so you can share where you are in your journey and get the support you need
  • Available in Packs of 3 ($250) or Single Sessions ($100)
  • All sessions are virtual
  • You will receive a recording of your private session to refer back to

Meet Kerry - Your Fertility Yoga Expert

With over 160 hours of fertility and birth-focused yoga training, on top of 1000s of hours working with students through their reproductive journeys, from preconception thru postpartum, I can truly say that you are in informed and caring hands.

I have been teaching weekly Fertile Body Yoga classes and fertility focused workshops in Boston since 2016, working alongside fertility clinics and doctors. Hundreds of people on their family-building missions have found support with Fertile Body Yoga. Most importantly, I personally share in this path with you. After almost 3 years of fertility treatments, multiple pregnancy losses, and eventually having two successful pregnancies, I have first-hand knowledge of how stressful and cyclical these times can be. Read about my fertility journey here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because of the nature of the practice – yoga that focuses on fertility takes time. There are no pills to take that will have an immediate effect. The levels at which we work during sessions are quite deep and can take time to unravel or energize to create better blood and energy flow. The effects are cumulative – the more you practice, the more benefit you will gain.

After a quick check-in to address any changes since you last connected, class begins. In general there will be some time spent in the relaxation response (when your body is its most fertile) as well as a movement section. The theme of the class as well as the content and speed of the movement is dictated by where you are in your cycle. The class always ends in śavāsana with visualization and/or meditation.

The major difference between a private and a group class is that in the group, Kerry is leading a class for all stages of different cycles. While working individually, she can create the most beneficial classes for your specific physical, mental, and emotional needs. This is when you get the best results.

Yoga is a wonderful companion to whatever means you are using to build your family. It is not a substitute for treatment, it will not cure infertility, and it is not prescriptive (not the same for everyone). Here is a great metaphor – you’re a farmer, and you have only a few seeds to plant in your field. Would you ignore the earth that you’re planting that seed in, or would you tend to it? Water it, turn it, make sure it gets the right balance of nutrients and water. You’d do everything you could to increase the likelihood of the seed to flourish. The tending of the field equates to the yoga practice. You are creating your most fertile self – body, mind, and soul.  Curious to learn more? Check out this post – ‘What IS fertility yoga?’

Disclaimer: While yoga does not guarantee conception, it can help increase fertility by reducing stress, balancing hormones, and providing the necessary tools to help cope with the challenges of a fertility journey.

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