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Online Fertility Yoga Classes

4 Week Fertility Yoga Series
Tues Dec 5, 12, 19 & Wed Dec 27
4pm PT / 7pm ET

4Week Holiday Special Online
Fertility Yoga Series

Livestream & Small Group

Joining a Fertile Body Yoga Livestream class has amazing benefits that you cannot get from a recording. Students say the experience of meeting together as a group is more meaningful and the individualized attention from Kerry allows them to feel more supported in their journeys.

 The wonderful fertility-supporting benefits of yoga have cumulative effects over time. To feel all the power that yoga can offer so that you will be your most fertile self means consistent practice.

Fertile Body Yoga 4 Week Series

Investment: $75

4 x 75 min Livestream fertility yoga classes

Social, Emotional, and Physical support over the Holidays

Livestream with recordings of classes and special meditations for surviving the holidays

“I discovered Fertile Body Yoga midway through my IVF journey. My only regret was not finding it sooner! Kerry’s class helped me develop the habit of slowing down and nourishing my emotional and physical body, which I desperately needed during a stressful and emotional time. Her class is an incredibly supportive space for women trying to conceive, where we can come together and practice in a very intentional way.  Kerry is immensely caring and always checks in with you before the start of each class. I really felt the sense that she got to know me and my fertility journey, which up to that point had felt very isolating. The class itself is wonderful and her thoughtfulness really shines in her teaching.  Kerry combines long blissful restorative postures and slow movement with a focused theme.  She beautifully weaves all this together to foster deep rest and relaxation. By the end of each class I felt steeped in relaxation. I am so grateful for Kerry’s expert teaching and for offering this weekly class. It supported me in immeasurable ways.”

Fertile Body Yoga Student

Online Fertility Yoga classes are for you if:

  • You are searching for a self-care practice that nurtures and supports your fertility and/or fertility treatment
  • You prefer to have a scheduled time for your yoga practice to keep you accountable and motivated
  • You would like to build community around your fertility experiences
  • You are new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner
  • You are anywhere in your fertility journey
  • You have experienced pregnancy loss and are looking for a gentle practice that is appropriate to this time

Fertility Yoga Series Highlights:

Includes 4 x 75 minute Livestream classes 

Tuesdays December 5th, 12th, 19th and Wednesday Dec 27th, 2023. 4pm PT / 7pm ET | Livestreamed and Recorded

Here’s why you need this series:

  • 4 weeks of live support from Kerry
  • Peer support from other going through similar experiences 
  • An opportunity for you to carve out some time for yourself during the busy season
  • Recording of the class if you can’t make it live or would like to do it again (and again, and again)
  • Audio recordings of meditations for the holidays
  • Fertile Body Yoga classes are a holistic experience, incorporating yoga postures, as well as traditional wisdom, visualizations, and meditation. Learn about the FBY approach.

Fertile Body Yoga Drop-In $18 – You may drop in on a series class.

Would you like to join a series that has already started? You can! One great benefit of joining a series is that you have access to the recordings of what you missed. You can catch up on the classes and get all the other great benefits of being a series member. Please email Kerry at for more information.

Meet Kerry - Your Fertility Yoga Expert

With over 160 hours of fertility and birth-focused yoga training, on top of 1000s of hours working with students through their reproductive journeys, from preconception thru postpartum, I can truly say that you are in informed and caring hands.

I have been teaching weekly Fertile Body Yoga classes and fertility focused workshops in Boston since 2016, working alongside fertility clinics and doctors. Hundreds of people on their family-building missions have found support with Fertile Body Yoga. Most importantly, I personally share in this path with you. After almost 3 years of fertility treatments, multiple pregnancy losses, and eventually having two successful pregnancies, I have first-hand knowledge of how stressful and cyclical these times can be. Read about my fertility journey here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Many students continue their practice with some modifications while doing stims. Often, the stim cycle is one of the hardest as it involves discomfort as well as hormonal changes and mood swings. A nice gentle yoga practice will help to balance all that is happening physically and emotionally.

Absolutely! The time leading up to transfer is so full of emotions as is the 2 week wait and first trimester. These classes are supportive through all of this. Some delicacy will be needed to share with the group, but this can be discussed when the time comes.

Everyone who is trying to conceive is welcome in the series, no matter where you are.

Of course! Please join us if the time works for you – you are wholeheartedly welcome! Many other students are going through secondary as well.

Once you feel like you’re ready to continue trying to conceive, you are absolutely welcome to join.

Disclaimer: While yoga does not guarantee conception, it can help increase fertility by reducing stress, balancing hormones, and providing the necessary tools to help cope with the challenges of a fertility journey.

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