Favorite Fertility Products

 If you’re curious about props, book suggestions, or non-toxic alternatives, then I have recommendations for you! Perfect for when you’re tired of researching everything Fertility.

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B&W Props

Yoga Props

Students often ask me for Yoga prop recommendations. When we dive into the world of Restorative Yoga, we realize that prop support is extremely important to the effectiveness of the pose. Having the right gear to get your body into optimal position is important. 



Let's be honest, there are so many books out there on fertility - so where should you start!?! I've put together a few books that I found helpful during my journey as well as throughout my time working and supporting others on their fertility journeys.


Non-toxic Alternatives

We know the importance of eliminating toxic chemicals from our household, especially when trying to conceive. Sometimes its overwhelming (and expensive) to do a full overhaul all at once. Small steps towards cleaner living is the way to go.