Free Online Fertility Yoga Videos

Join Kerry Hinds of Fertile Body Yoga for free online fertility yoga videos for all parts of your cycle – including preparing for a frozen embryo transfer, cultivating Patience during the 2 week wait, restorative with visualizations, and an anytime fertility flow. Kerry and Heather talk about relieving menstrual cramps with acupressure and yoga.


Preparing for a FET
The Luscious Lining Class

The ‘Luscious Lining’ class is for those preparing for a Frozen Embryo Transfer. The goal of this sequence is to bring oxygenated blood to the uterus and pelvic region to support a healthy and inviting lining for implantation.

If you just finished stimms and are going straight into a transfer – this class is not for you – please practice a gentler class (Pelvic-Centric Warm-up from the Thriving Through the Holidays series for example).

The 2 Week Wait

This gentle slow flow class focuses on cultivating patience during the 2 week wait. A great class for when you would like to move a bit to keep the energy flowing, without over stimulating or doing poses that might interfere with implantation.

Pelvic Centered Warm-up

Originally from the ‘Thriving through the holidays’ series’, this is a great short class for any stage of your cycle. Modifications are offered, however, please always listen to yourself and your body first. If you’d like to skip a pose and move into a calming position and breathe, then do it!

Fertility Flow

A gentle fertility flow for any time of your cycle. Modifications are offered for those in the two week wait.

Managing Menstrual Pain with Acupressure and Yoga

Do you have menstrual pain during your period? This is a quick (8 minutes!) tutorial with Heather Smidt of Wander Well Acupuncture. She walks you through a great acupressure point while Kerry demonstrates her go to pose for menstrual cramps.