Fertility Specialists, Practitioners & Clinicians

I am proud to provide you with this list of who experts in the field of fertility & fertility support. I have personally hand-picked each provider listed.

Nutrition and Fertility Coaching

Acupuncture, Reiki & Massage

  • Heather Smidt & Wanderwell Acupuncture 
    • Specialties – Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Reiki, Cranial Sacral Therapy specializing in Fertility and Reproductive health. 
    • https://wanderwellacupuncture.com
    • Lexington, MA
  • Ali Vander Been & Yintuition Wellness 
    • Specialties – Acupuncture specializing in fertility, pregnancy, post partum and reproductive health 
    • https://yintuitionwellness.com/
    • Back Bay & Westwood MA
  • Manuela Igel
    • Specialties – Acupuncture for fertility & gut health
    • https://www.featherandseed.com/
    • Waltham, MA

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists & Occupational Therapists

    • Dr. Emily Everton, DPT, PT
    • https://www.embodyptwell.com/you
    • Virtual Coaching for Hypothalmic Amennorhea, reconnecting to your body and menstrual cycle, Mercier Therapy, Pelvic Floor PT
    • Hopkinton, MA
  • Kaitlyn Labberton, PT, DPT

Mental & Spiritual Health Counseling

  • Elena Clamen, Licensed Mental Health Counselor & Art Therapist
    • Specialties – infertility support and art therapy
    • elenaclamenart@yahoo.com
    • Online infertility group + private counseling

Organizations and Special Groups

Childbirth Education, HypnoBirthing, Pre & Postnatal Yoga

  • Bec Conant
    • www.ombirths.com
    • Hypnobirthing, Mindful Childbirth, Postpartum Yoga
    • Virtual & in-person
    • Framingham, MA


Clinics & Fertility Doctors