Restorative Yoga Props

I LOVE PROPS! Using them, buying them, trying new ones, talking about them, finding new creative ways to integrate them into practice, and…organizing them! There is nothing quite like seeing a stack of perfectly folded Yoga blankets next to lint free and clean bolsters. Check out The Best Yoga Props post for more information.

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Yoga Mats

You may be tempted to grab that cheap mat from Target, but let me tell you why you might not want to! 

When we are hitting the Yoga mat to support our fertility, we don’t want to be doing harm.

Many of the cheaper mats on the market are made out of PVC, PER, or PU. These chemicals can off-gas, which can disrupt your hormones, especially estrogen. Phthalates (found in most PVC and PVC containing substances) have been linked to birth defects, infertility, asthma, and cancer. YIKES! No Thanks cheap Yoga mats. 

The best materials are natural materials: natural rubber, cork and jute.

Tip: Lighter colors tend to get dirtier faster!

And thickness matters – too thick are hard to balance on and too thin is uncomfortable for restorative Yoga. Stick to 3 – 5 mm.

Yoga Mat for Fertility yoga

Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

Probably one of the best Yoga mats out there on the market. Free if all the nasty stuff!

B Mat

This Yoga mat is a bit thinner and lighter & is eco friendly.

Cork Mat

Cork is an amazing all natural, eco friendly and non toxic alternative.


Not all bolsters are created equally.

Square or Round? I find the square bolsters more versatile for a variety of poses. The round ones, yup you guessed it, roll a lot more! It is harder with a round bolster to get them in the right position for a semi-reclined position or legs up in Stone Hendge. Round bolsters are great for under the knees when lying on the back and certain backbends. I have 2 squares and 1 round in my Yoga space!

Lofty or dense? Definitely dense – the more light and fluffy that bolster is, the less supportive and useful it is. Many of the cheaper bolsters are on the lighter side and not great quality. In a pinch, if you just want something cheap that will be better than bed pillows, then they can be fine. 

Hugger Mugger Standard Yoga Bolster

Hugger Mugger Standard Yoga Bolster

Hands down the best bolster on the market – but a little pricey
Bean Products Yoga Bolster

Bean Products Yoga Bolster

Mid-range with organic cotton

Basaho Round Organic Cotton Yoga Bolster

This round bolster is on the heavier side and is reasonably priced.


 Blankets are the most versatile of all your props.

You can turn two blankets into a bolster, use them as extra padding under a sore hip, and cover yourself up to get cozy and warm. Since they’re so versatile, it’s nice to have a few on hand.

If you’re deciding between blankets or bolsters, go with the blankets!

How many blankets is best? 2 -4

Look to see what your blankets are made of. Soft organic cotton is the best, but is more costly. More synthetic fiber in the blankets will make them a bit itchy and uncomfortable.

Open Road Goods Handmade Thick Yoga Blanket

Open Road Goods Handmade Thick Yoga Blanket

The softest and the thickest!
Canyon Creek Mexican blanket

Canyon Creek Mexican blanket

Cheaper, a bit thin, but ok quality
Fertility Yoga Props

Andrew James Mexican blanket

Your classic Yoga studio mat


Cork or foam? Both have their strengths. Cork is sturdier and more environmentally friendly. Foam blocks are softer against the body. 

Thick or thin? Definitely go with thicker (4in) blocks!

1 or 2? Buy a 2 pack!

Fertility Yoga Block

Manduka Cork Yoga block

Solid and Heavy
Manduka Recycled High Density Foam block

Manduka Recycled High Density Foam block

Very sturdy for a foam block
Gaiam Yoga Blocks - Fertility Yoga Props

Gaiam Yoga Blocks – pack of 2

A good starter set


Long or short? In general a 6ft strap is great unless you’re on the taller side.

Metal or Plastic buckles? I personally like metal buckles better as I would prefer to stay away from plastic when possible. The plastic will be more likely to break.

Manduka Unfold Yoga Strap

Manduka Unfold Yoga Strap

High Quality and Cotton

California Wellness Yoga Strap

Affordable and good

Eye Pillows

A perfectly placed eye pillow is the cherry on top of your restorative pose.

The material of your eye pillow should be organic cotton or silk. Stay away from synthetic mixes if possible!

Look for pillows with washable covers.

If you have sensitive eyes, a couple of things to watch out for.
Are the pillows scented? This may aggravate the tear ducts.
How heavy are they? Smaller pillows will put less pressure on the eyeball.

Yoga Moves Soft Eyes Eye Pillow

Yoga Moves Soft Eyes Eye Pillow

These are my favorite tiny and light eye pillows.
Peacegoods Unscented Washable Cover Set

Peacegoods Unscented Washable Cover Set

Beautiful set with washable cover
Peacegoods Scented Lavender and Flax Eye Pillow

Peacegoods Scented Lavender and Flax Eye Pillow

Super soft and organic


Here are some good block and strap package options.

JBM Yoga Blocks Plus Strap

JBM Yoga Blocks Plus Strap

A good cork block and strap option (there is one cork option and the colored blocks on the site are foam…so if you want cork, make sure you get the cork!)
Reehut 2 Blocks and a Strap

Reehut 2 Blocks and a Strap

Affordable and good
Gaiam Essentials Yoga Blocks and Strap Set

Gaiam Essentials Yoga Blocks and Strap Set

An affordable starter set