Fertility Restorative Pose Library

Restorative Yoga takes us out of the our chronic stress response, moves us to a place of calm. It is when we are in this parasympathetic nervous response that we can process the stress hormones in our body, find mental and emotional peace, and allow the body to be as fertile as possible.

To truly experience the benefits of this style of Yoga, you must believe that rest is productive.
Quiet and slower, but never the less, productive.

Triggers of the parasympathetic nervous system: WARMTH, QUIET, WEIGHT, SUPPORT, DARKNESS

All photos by Kerry Hinds – do not reproduce without permission



There are 5 major triggers for the parasympathetic nervous system: darkness, weight, support, stillness, and quiet. If any of these don’t assist in bringing you to a relaxed state, for example, you’re claustrophobic so weight on the pelvis does not bring ease, then skip it. Or if silence is overwhelming for you at this time, then put on a meditation to help guide you into relaxation. Adding an eye pillow or a scarf over the eyes aids with darkness.

The goal is to support as many joints in the body as possible – neck, knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows etc. Thus we need many props to make this happen! Check out Fertile Body Yoga’s prop recommendation page for the Best Yoga Props.

 Props you will need: 

1 or 2 Bolsters (or sofa cushions, firm pillows) 
2 Blocks (large books, large tin cans)
2+ Yoga Blankets (towels are a great substitute)
1 Yoga Mat (optional, but nice so your props don’t slip around)



How to use household items for yoga props