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Join Kerry on this fertility podcast as she dives into the holistic, energetic, and alternative paths to increased fertility.
Sometimes it’s about yoga, but not always! Because there is so much to explore when it comes to mind + body practices that support fertility.
If you’re feeling overwhelmed while TTC, whether it’s through IVF or you’re trying at home, you may be searching for alternative paths to boost your fertility and overall health. We’ll uncover and explore new, old, and perhaps ‘fringe’ practices that involve fertility!

Fertility Podcast Episodes

Spirit Babies and Fertility with Justine Cohen

Today I spoke with Justine Cohen, also known as, the SPIRIT BABY LADY!

We talked about so many things in this episode: what is a spirit baby, how to connect with your spirit baby, and how spirit babies and fertility.

We explored pregnancy loss, fertility treatment, and the magic behind conception

Endometriosis - a 27 year Journey with Heather Smidt

My first guest on the podcast is Heather Smidt of Wanderwell Acupunture. Heather is an endowarrior and has extensively researched, treated herself and others with acupuncture, and is an advocate for endometriosis awareness!

This episode is for EVERYONE, no need to have endometriosis to gather valuable information. This could be especially helpful for those with unexplained infertility, multiple losses, or multiple failed IVF rounds.

Kerry's Fertility Story

I talk about my own fertility journey  (which took place in Germany BTW!) and how I landed on teaching fertility yoga. I talk about miscarriage, IVF, bloating, stress, and inevitably – surrender.

Fertility, Ayurveda, and Your Dosha

Kerry explains the 3 main doshas (vata, pitta, and kapha) and how understanding your dosha can help with your fertility. Here is the original blog post! Fertility, Ayurveda, and Your Dosha

Take the Dosha Quiz! 

Is hot yoga bad for your fertility?

Kerry talks about Hot Yoga and it’s physiological & energetic effects on the body – and thus reproductive health.
This blog post was originally published on Sept 22, 2022: Is Hot Yoga Bad for Your Fertility?
Other links referenced during the episode:
What’s Your Dosha Quiz
The Science of Stress & Fertility
Stress & Fertility with Dr. Alison Zimon

Increase Feminine Energy with Fertility Yoga

Kerry talks about feminine energy and how it is connected to fertility.
She also dives into the masculine energy of Western society and IVF.
Uncover simple and enjoyable ways to increase your feminine energy – physically, socially, AND of course – energetically.
The original blog post is here: Increasing Fertile Energy with Fertility Yoga

Your Fertility Specialist Host

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I have over 160 hours of fertility and birth-focused yoga training. I have been teaching weekly Fertile Body Yoga classes and workshops in Boston since 2016 and have supported hundreds of people on their family-building missions. Most importantly, I have gone through almost 3 years of fertility treatments, experiencing pregnancy loss, and eventually having two successful pregnancies which gave me first-hand knowledge of how stressful and cyclical these times can be.