What is a Spirit Baby?

What are Spirit Babies & How Can They Support Your Fertility Journey?

Connecting with your Spirit Babies can help you understand the timing of your fertility journey

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I bet you have pondered many times in your fertility journey (as did I), why is this taking longer than I expected? Why is this happening to me? These are big questions, and when medical doctors can’t provide an answer, where do we turn? 

Often, these questions will lead us towards a soulful and spiritual journey with our fertility. An avenue of exploration that can bring solace, transformation, patience, and answers. 

When Justine (the Spirit Baby Lady) and I started talking about doing a workshop together, I was lit up from the inside – as if my own spirit babies were jumping with glee! ‘Finally’, they were saying, ‘she’s listening to us again’. 

I asked Justine to do a guest blog to explain, from a very personal perspective, what spirit babies are and why connecting with them is so beneficial to your fertility mindset and your understanding of how your story is unfolding.

I think you will enjoy this post as much as I did! And I also hope that your spirit babies are jumping with glee and guiding you to sign up for our next workshop which will take place in Fall 2024 (date TBD based on the astrology!)

How I met my Spirit Baby


I’d been visiting LA for years before I moved here. Most trips, I’d book a hypnotherapy session with my friend’s younger sister who had started her own practice. We all went to high school together so I loved supporting her while also receiving healing care. 

During the sessions, we’d sit and chat before I climbed into the oversized reclining chair and laid back. She’d lead me into a deep state of hypnosis so we could connect with my subconscious and my higher self to uncover and work through internal blocks. I’d leave feeling expansive and inspired. Often, I’d have mystical experiences, traveling between worlds and timelines, revisiting past lives or future dimensions to gain insights, learning how it felt to be in my true essence.  

Several times, she would lead me into connection with my future self, guiding me towards the Justine of the future – straight to the source. 

I’d ask questions to Future Me and she’d show me my innate value and potential, assuring me that I’m a powerful light and that my challenges would pass with time. I cherished these meetings with my future self, relaxing into the inevitability that is ME.

These “meetings” would always start the same – I’d walk into Future Me’s gorgeous kitchen, my island dream home, with a big, deep sink and ample counter space. Lots of white and natural materials with cozy, clean vibes. Green plants. Hydrangeas. 

Future Me would have a baby or young child on her hip or in her lap. When she saw me arrive, she’d smile, then turn to her husband/partner/man, handing him the kid so she and I could talk for a while. She’d make some tea and gesture towards the large, communal dining table. She’d sit right next to me and look me in the eyes. Seeing Future Me all boo’d up in a dope home with a sweet kid made me feel at ease and excited to be alive. 

I didn’t know it at the time, but these were my first encounters with my spirit baby. 

What exactly is a spirit baby?

Spirit Babies

A spirit baby is the soul of an unborn child; the soul of a child waiting to be born; a soul on their way into the world. 

Unlike souls who have lived lives and then died/crossed over, they are much more flexible. In contrast, our loved ones on the other side stay tied to their previous personalities and identities as a way to be familiar to us and so they can continue evolving and working through karma.

Spirit babies, on the other hand, are much more flexible and open to possibility. They are nurturing and creative, as Walter Makichen describes in his book, Spirit Babies. We are dealing with creation after all. While we all have the ability to be psychic, to be a medium, it can take time and practice before you’re able to feel this connection. I’ve found that people connect more with their spirit babies than loved ones on the other side. 

Something about dealing with the energy of creation, possibility, and birth – the vibrations are high yet grounded, allowing for clear connection. Connecting with past loved ones brings up grief that can block the flow of communication. 

Even after abortion or miscarriage, the baby’s soul still feels like a spirit baby to me. It’s like they return to the spirit baby realm, not the “other side.” When spirit babies “don’t make it” all the way through to being a healthy child, there’s still something about their creativity and flexibility that allows for clear communication, making it easier to connect.  

Makichen describes spirit babies as green orbs that attach into one of their future parent’s aura. Green being the color of healing, the earth, and the heart. While I’ve never seen them as green, I do feel their lightness and exuberance, their youthful innocence dancing and shining. Their patience with us in learning how to connect. We are their allies, their way through, their ticket to this side. 

Connecting with spirit babies, which I learned to do several years after my hypnotherapy experiences, feels so damn good. 



Connecting to your spirit baby can be amazing if you’re pregnant, trying to conceive, or if you were already pregnant but didn’t carry to term. 

You can even connect if you don’t have a womb.

Even with advanced scientific knowledge, conception, birth, and vaginas are such a black box. They can be such a mystery. Having a vagina, a friend used to say, is like having a science experiment between your legs – a science experiment we’re left on our own to figure out. Even with access to good medical care and fertility doctors.  

Spirit babies help peel back the curtain, unlocking the mystery and magic of the womb. Spirit babies can help you understand what’s going on in your body, in your beautiful black box.  

How will connecting with my Spirit Babies help my fertility journey?

Mother with Child

Spirit Babies provide a spiritual solution and help you connect with your womb in a new way so you can connect with your child early. Why wait until they take their first breath and cry? Why wait until they learn how to talk?

The connection can start now, allowing you to process the past, feel at peace in the present, and be hopeful for the future. 

They can help you feel less alone, allowing you to energetically hold the hand of the being who’s on this journey with you, the being who might very literally be IN you, during one of the biggest journeys of your life. They can help you learn how to comfort them, and care for them, so you can practice being their parent sooner, as you walk with them through the doors of life. 

Being able to connect with my spirit baby through my abortion experience was profound, and I’m so grateful that I had connection during that time. The connection allowed me to be clear about my choices and how it would impact the little life growing inside me. It allowed me to be fully onboard, knowing it wasn’t the right man or the right time.

Who knows what choices you’ll have to make along the way. It might be what color to paint the nursery or when to give yourself more time. Either way, I promise that making these choices with access to connection with your spirit baby will make it that much easier. And luckily, it’s easy to connect, we just need to learn. Spirit babies are such a willing partner in this process. They are patient and understanding because that is their nature. They want to talk to us, and are so happy when we finally listen and show up. 

fertility yoga

Connecting with spirit babies changes everything, because you are no longer alone. You have connection, partnership, insight, and choice. Even if you already have partnership in your life, spirit baby partnership adds a different dimension of love. 

In this moment, when I tune back into Future Me and the baby on her lap, I can see the child’s face, round and bright, shining back at me like the moon. I can see clearly that this child wants to come through me, to have pregnancy and birth and life experiences with me. They want me to be their mom. “Okay,” I say. “Let’s see if it’s in the cards.” Future Me smiles warmly, proud brown eyes nodding. I hear her say: 

We’ll be here. We’ve always been here. 

Take care of yourself. 

Take your time.  

Love – Justine <3

Curious to meet your own spirit baby? Join Justine & Kerry at their next workshop in the Fall 2024


Kerry will lead the group through a grounding gentle fertility yoga practice, followed by a deeply relaxing journey into yoga nidra (yogic sleep). Once you are completely receptive, Justine will guide you on a visualization and meditation journey to meet your spirit baby and their guides. A ticket gets you 1:1 time with Justine to go even deeper into connection. More details and links to tickets below. 

Space is limited to only 10 participants and sells out. Join the Waitlist for the Fall 2024.

Justine Cohen - Fertile Body Yoga

Justine Cohen, our guest blogger, is a Spirit Baby Medium. She is the bridge between the spirit baby world and earthside.  She provides one on one readings and also offers Spirit Baby and Womb Healing workshops.

You can find her at on her website and on Instagram: @dreamcatalystcoach

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