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Fertility and the Patriarchy
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Fertility & The Patriarchy, People Pleasing, And Perfectionism

Hi Reader,
I hear many of my students making assumptions and having biases about themselves and their fertility that just aren’t true – and it fires me up 🔥 Because I know that you can profoundly affect the course of your fertility when you uncover and address some underlying patterns of thoughts and behaviors.
YES – you can change your biochemistry with your thoughts.
Today I’m shining a spotlight 🔦 on some of the patterns society & culture has programmed into your subconscious and how they…

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3 Steps To Lessen Your Fertility Obsession

It’s time to take back the reins of your life while still reaching your fertility goals. It IS possible.

Here are 3 ways to lessen the obsession and create more freedom to feel joy in your life while you’re trying to conceive.

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BEFORE You Go Into The Fertility Clinic – Do This In Your Car

No time to read but still want to know my hack for calm fertility clinic visits? I have a guided episode on the Fringe Fertility Podcast 🎙
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Let’s set the scene – Imagine this…
It’s 4:02pm and you’re rolling into the parking lot of the fertility clinic for your 4pm appointment in a hot mess – the traffic sucked, work was stressful, and you have to pee.
You burst through the door like a tornado, out of breath declaring your arrival, run to the bathroom, then take a seat in…

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Yoga poses to Avoid when doing IVF
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Yoga Poses to Avoid When Doing IVF

Are you doing an IVF cycle and curious what yoga poses you should avoid? Ultimately you want to avoid harming or interfering with the IVF process or a possible pregnancy while practicing yoga. If you already have an existing asana practice, you may be curious how to modify your practice as you navigate fertility issues and treatment.

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