4 Subconscious Beliefs and Behaviors That Can Affect Your Fertility

4 Subconscious Beliefs and Behaviors That Can Affect Your Fertility

Over the years of working with people who are choosing to conceive and moving heaven and earth to hold their babies in their arms – I have observed that sometimes, our own limiting beliefs and behaviors are getting in the way of optimal fertility.

Many of these thought patterns have been hardwired into us from a young age and are causing disruption – and we’re totally unaware.

💻 Think about it like a background program running on your computer that is taking up all your CPU and band with. You don’t know it’s there, but it’s slowing down or crashing the whole system.

If you’ve worked with me before, you know that I emphasize that awareness is the catalyst of transformation.

So here I am – shining a spotlight 🔆 on these beliefs and behaviors that may be running in the background and influencing your fertility.

1️⃣ Leading From Fear And Not Love ❤️

I could write a dissertation on this one! But in a nutshell – fear is everywhere and involved in almost every decision we make. But it doesn’t have to be.

For example – you try fertility yoga because you’re scared that it might be the one thing that will help you get pregnant – and if you don’t do it, you’re scared you won’t get pregnant. Instead, try this? “I will try fertility yoga because it will love up my body and soul.” See the difference?

Fear is tricky – a wolf in sheep’s clothing. 🐑 We don’t even realize that some of our thoughts and behaviors are based in fear.

🐺 Like the big bad wolf of perfectionism – which is about the fear of failure, not wanting to be perfect.

🐺 Or the other big bad wolf – people pleasing – which is really the fear of rejection.

Not that these are your fault at all (because you know – the patriarchy – listen to this podcast), but they are something to be aware of so you can make a conscious change! And really – fear is based in love (but this is for another time!)

2️⃣ Thinking That The Body Is The Most Important Thing

The body is important when you’re making babies – but when we begin to separate the body and reproductive health from holistic health (body, mind, spirit, and energy) we are firing from only one cylinder.

There is immense value in supporting your mind, spirit, and energy while navigating this path – because they are all part of conception.

Being in alignment will make things easier (on many different levels).

3️⃣ Not Optimizing Your Nervous System

The journey is stressful – and we can’t change this. We know that stress doesn’t have a direct cause and effect relationship with fertility – but we do know that chronic stress can interfere with reproductive hormones – and not in a good way.

When we’re doing EVERYTHING else for our fertility, why wouldn’t we want to optimize our nervous system?

Instead of ‘pushing through’ or saying ‘I will relax when I have a baby in my arms’ how about instead we create nervous system resiliency – or have a supple nervous system – in that it can easily move from stress to calm.

This takes practice and there are tools to help you get there! Psst – fertility yoga, meditation, and breath work are powerhouses for optimizing the nervous system 💥

4️⃣ Not Understanding Your Uniqueness

We are all like little snowflakes ❄️ made of the same substance but totally unique.

There is no one else in the world like you.

Understanding your constitution or your blueprint (in Ayurveda we call it a dosha) you can begin to streamline all that you’re doing so that it fits to you.

I see this a lot when students try EVERYTHING that there is for fertility and wondering why this worked for someone else not but not me. It’s frustrating and exhausting to always be grasping at straws.

Instead wouldn’t it be nice to know what the right thing is for you and then spend your precious time, money, and energy on what will work?

Do any of the above beliefs resonate with you?

Do you see some back end programming here that you might like to rewrite?

Now that you’re all fired up 🔥 you’re probably wondering what to do next.

How do you become aware, how do you rewrite the script, how do you train your nervous system, and what actions can you take to consciously move forward in your conception and birth journey?

Enter please, the 40 Days to Fertile Freedom Program.

I guide you through understanding your unique self (so you don’t need to study Ayurveda), how to deal with perfectionism and people-pleasing (boundaries anyone?), and scientifically proven techniques to train your nervous system.

And most importantly – how to lead from love and not fear ❤️❤️❤️

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What's your fertility type?

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About Kerry

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